July 7, 2009

It’s Time to Reform Springfield!

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Listen to this recent interview with the author of the Put-Back Amendment here that lays out the entire amendment.

Flyers for the amendment that can be used as hand-outs are available here.

If you’re like us, you’ve witnessed the mess in Springfield with utter shock. We were told it was just Rod Blagojevich but now he’s been removed and the mess remains. The only consistent feature of our dysfunctional state government is the legislature. That is why we started this non-partisan reform effort to reform the General Assembly and put the people back in charge.

The “Bambenek Put-Back Amendment” is a comprehensive package of reforms designed to end the backroom dealings of the General Assembly. Did you know that most legislation is written behind closed doors and is never seen by most legislators (much less the public) before they are required to vote on it? Did you know legislative leaders have complete control over what bills get consider and which ones die? We send 177 legislators to Springfield, but the power is only vested in 4 of them. It’s time to end the gridlock, end the backroom dealing, and end the imperial legislature. It’s time YOU are put back in charge!

Learn more about the Bambenek Put-Back Amendment with the links at the right, including how you can help us acquire the 500,000 signatures to get this important amendment on the ballot.

May 9, 2010

Put-Back Amendment Fails to Qualify for 2010 Ballot

By admin


I wanted to send you a quick note letting you know how our efforts faired. Unfortunately, we did not acquire enough valid signatures to qualify for the ballot this year.  No one is more disappointed in that result than I am.

For perspective though, to run for Governor (or any statewide office) you only need 5,000 valid signatures.  Of the 11 candidates in the established parties who ran in the primary, at least 7 of those PAID signature gatherers.  We need 100 times that and did not have the political parties supporting us and we had nominal funds to work with.

Despite all that and receiving scant media attention, we gathered many times more signatures than those politicians who has vast political armies at their disposal.  We collected signatures in 78 of 102 counties.  We started with no real political organization and build volunteers from every corner of this state who are committed to reform.  For that, I thank you.

What now?

With the deadline past, the most important task is to see to it serious reformers are elected in November in every office across this state.  We can do some things, but elected leaders have a great deal of influence by which to reform the state of Illinois.

It is also possible, beginning November 6th, to circulate Put-Back again to get on the 2012 ballot.  I am evaluating that possibility to see if its a feasible choice.

Either way, I wanted to thank you for your support and hope I can turn to you again as we strive to reform our state.


John Bambenek
Political Director, Main Street Campaigns