About the Amendment

The Bambenek Putback Amendment is a citizen-initiated amendment to the Constitution of the State of Illinois.  It is designed to put the people back in charge in Springfield.  After years of dysfunction under multiple governors, years of legislation passed in the dark of night without any ability of citizens to see the laws, years of unbalanced budgets that are usually passed well beyond the deadline, it is clear that the Illinois General Assembly is broken.

After Blagojevich was removed, several reform commissions met to propose reforms to prevent Blagojevich-style corruption from ever happening again.  The State Legislature enacted some reforms, as long as they didn’t cut into their own set of “powers and privileges”. The Legislature cannot nor will not reform itself. In some cases, they even passed “reform” bills that really centralized power even MORE in the General Assembly.  We send 177 legislators to Springfield so every corner of this state can have a voice.  Instead, we have only the legislative leaders with complete control of what has become the Imperial Legislature.

The Bambenek Putback Amendment uses the narrow ability of citizens to enact amendments to the state constitution and does not require any government official to approve it, merely enough citizens to sign the petition.

Join the reform effort today! It’s time to take back Springfield!

About John Bambenek

John Bambenek is a political reformer and resident of Champaign, Illinois. He is the co-founder of the Illinois Citizens Coalition and one of the chief proponents of the Constitutional Convention vote that took place in 2008.  He has spent his time in politics pursuing policies that makes government more responsive to the needs and values of the citizens.

He is the principal author of the Bambenek Put-Back Amendment and author of several books, including a book on the Illinois constitution. He is considered one of the experts in the Illinois Constitution.

In addition to political activism, he runs a charity called the Tumaini Foundation which strives to provide educational opportunities to AIDS orphans and other disadvantaged children in rural Tanzania.